Thursday, 25 September 2014

... sought the Lord!

This morning's Gospel ends with this phrase: "... and Herod sought Him."

The Gospels are replete with this 'seeking':

  • Martha sought Jesus after the death of her brother Lazarus.
  • Nicodemus sought the Lord to clarify his doubts.
  • Mother Mary herself sought Jesus when there were rumours that he had gone off his head.
  • Judas came seeking the Lord in the garden of Gethsemane.
  • Zaccheus sought the Lord to quench his curiosity.
  • The centurion asked for the Lord to heal his dying ward.
  • Herod, the tetrarch, sought Jesus to find out who he truly was.
  • The earlier Herod, searched for baby Jesus to put him to an eternal rest. 
  • Mary Magdalene sought the Lord to heal her. 
  • Some of his apostles came in search because others told them to. 

Just two points:

  1. Did anyone seek Jesus for Himself, for who He was? ... not for some purpose of their own, but just pure, plain, the person of Jesus?
  2. All these people seeking the Lord were not to be possible if in the first place, Jesus did not come seeking for us! 

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