Sunday, 21 September 2014

Salesians 2115

For the forthcoming issue of Tugboats (the bicentenary initiative of Cl. Manu, Karunapuram), we chose the theme 'Salesians 2115'.  Though it was a very crazy idea it was worthy and interesting, none the less. Here's my take on the state of Salesians, another 100 years from now.
There would be more communities but less institutions; greater networking and communion and less 'Salesian domineering'; more talk about humanity and little of 'Salesianity' or religiousity; more living witnesses than inspirational documents, and we will be more Christ-like than merely Church-like.  
What I desisting from adding - though I did hint at it - is that if not for this radical option, the Congregation is either going to be defunct or will be headed for a split!  

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