Monday, 15 September 2014

Future leaders of the Church!

Today I finished correcting the class test answer papers of the first years of Ancient Western Philosophy.  I realised that very many of them (totally 40) have basically understood nothing ... literally, nothing of what I have been teaching for the past whole semester.

I therefore wonder, if after such detailed and painstaking effort they do not understand no basic and simple facts of philosophy (at least common sense matters??), how much and what exactly do they understand about the Bible and faith?  Will their grasp and presentation of their faith, doctrines, experience be anything sensible to anyone?

If expression was a hurdle I'd understand, but what if basic understanding itself is so faulty that there is not even one sentence which makes sense? The question is something and the answer is something else altogether!  At times it is a repeat of Hanuman carrying the whole mountain back to Rama when he is unable to identify the specific herbal plant: the whole chapter is there (including the birthplace and works of the philosoher) when all that is asked is one simple idea or a critique of one particular idea of the philosopher.  At times there is only the question repeated... over and over again, with the only difference that the word order is changed (don't ask me if there is any sense in those sentences!).  Sometimes there is only blank space!

Textual or Academic studies is difficult, I know and am willing to accept. But basic learning? Common sense or simple ordinary thought?  Add to that, the 'decision' or will to become leaders of the Church!! 

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