Thursday, 4 September 2014

Teachers' Day

Tomorrow, India commemorates Teachers' day... a day dedicated to felicitate the teachers in our schools and colleges, in fond memory of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.  In schools this is really a day of celebration for children as they express their sentiments for their respective teachers, and being children they are sincere in their feedback!  However, as we grow older, this respect and admiration for the teachers turns into disrespect and despise.

Being teachers, as those involved in one of most noble profession of imparting knowledge and leading young minds in their search for wisdom, is enough reason to demand one's respect.  Irrespective of their educational qualification or lack of it, whether competent or not, respecting teachers is the duty of a student - not an optional privilege!  Indian tradition lays before us a beautiful example when it equates a Guru to God himself - the other two being mother and the guest.
... and the best gift or form of respect a student can offer to one's teacher is to grow in wisdom and build one's life on values.  This begins when a student is open and willing to learn, however little or much the teacher has to offer.  

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