Saturday, 20 September 2014

Understanding Radicality in the right context

Often there is a temptation in many, especially me, to view 'radicality' with regard to our vocation and living out of it, as something totally different from the present 'diluted' way of living or perhaps a very fundamental option, as in the beginning (may be like the founder or like Christ Himself).  However, one dimension that I'm beginning to now reflect upon is the following:
Radicalism is basically a response, a befitting and appropriate response to God's invitation.  It is not merely a set of activities or attitudes.  Only and only when it is the former will it truly and completely be 'radical', primary, and most importantly, for a particular purpose.  When it is only the latter, then it can get diluted or corrupted sooner or later because it does not have a source other than me!

However, yet to truly comprehend the 'how' of it.

1 comment:

  1. I don't suppose a radical would subscribe to an "ism" in the first place.

    You've already described the "how"-- by an authentic, conscious response to the moment in its context. Not the 'preferred' reaction prescribed by whomever.


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