Saturday, 2 August 2014

The God-debate

Compared to the group of students in Kondadaba, the students here at Karunapuram are more diverse in their thought.  Well, it is neither an advantage nor a disadvantage - viewed from the Professor's perspective. Brothers at Kondadaba were more homogeneous in their thoughts.  Moreover, theirs was a more naive faith, a belief that was very 'rustic' and based entirely on sermons that they were fed on till now.  Students here are more 'rebellious' in their thought - may not be in belief, though.  I fear, that in the presence of such outspoken and 'rationalistic' students those of the sober type get lost.  They may prefer to confine themselves in the cocoon of their 'petty Scriptural faith' rather than be drawn into the turbulence of such God-debate!

There are some, however, who basically want to argue - no matter what the point is, their stance is basically to challenge it!  Very many prefer to remain as bystanders or spectators, either because they find this whole 'God-debate' futile or they treat it as 'yet another subject to tide over'.  Some are naturally involved and inquisitive. A few remain on the borders peeping in when convenient and then retiring to their 'safe heaven' when the heat is too much.  However, I wish all take notes during these discussions and reflect.  For most, this whole exercise of reflecting on God begins and end with the bell and the classroom!  

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