Friday, 29 August 2014

Herod's court then, and today's crime scene

The central figures during the martyrdom of John the Baptist are alive in every crime-scene even today.

There is Herodias, the instigator.  She does not get her hands soiled - apparently, no. But she is the real brain behind the whole assassination plot.
There is her daughter, the innocent pawn.  She knows not what the ulterior motives and inner politics are being played.  She does not even know that she herself is being played!  But all the same, she is the weapon of assassination - even without her knowledge.

There is finally Herod, the policy-maker.  He knows exactly how things are going to be played out.  He merely lets them to his own advantage.  He certainly has the power to set things right, to do right. But he won't!  

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  1. Salome is not exactly innocent. She knows she is asking for John's life for no good reason. She just doesn't take a call. She can always say she obeyed her mother and so is not to blame. But in political situations like that, no one has immunity; only the degree of blame might vary across actors, non-actors, and spectators.


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