Thursday, 28 August 2014

Geethanjali (2014)

We watched the movie Geethanjali (telugu) in the theatre this afternoon.  It was Fr T.V. Jose's proposal and so I joined in. The movie was worth it.  A commendable job by the debutant director Raaja Kiran.  The movie has to its credit quite a gripping story with lots of intricacies and suspense - enough to keep one guessing and anticipating the uncertain.

Secondly it does a good job mixing horror and comedy.  The best I liked was the story. It certainly is a brainy one.  The script writer and the director too keep the movie crisp and fast moving. There is never a moment of boredom (except maybe for the songs).  As to why there were songs in the movie, I don't have a reasonable or meaningful reply, other than 'south-Indian-mania-for-song-n-dance'. The movie by itself is quite neatly packaged, without any of the songs!  The finale does resemble Om Shanti Om, the hindi movie that boasted of a wide star cast in 2007.

Perhaps if the director (and script writer) could have ensured that all the scenes and characters in the movie are looped in and ensured that there are no loose ends, the movie would have gained much more depth/quality. However, on the whole, the movie is quite a good entertainer.

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