Sunday, 10 August 2014

Peter, Jesus and the 'boats'

The gospel of today, speaking of Jesus and Peter taking a walk on the waters offers rich insights into human psychology.  Basically I believe Jesus is calling us to have the courage to leave the comfort of our 'boats' and dare walk with Him.  The point to be noted is that it is we (Peter) who 'crave' to get out of the boat and onto the water.  Jesus merely confirms his desire by inviting him ... and most importantly, assures him of His presence.
I imagine a scene where Peter dares to get out of the boat but instead of going towards Jesus takes off in the opposite direction. And perhaps when sinking, for whatever reasons, calls on the Lord only to find the Lord on the other side of the boat... and therefore the moan (by Peter), "Oh, He always seems so far from me!"

In another scene, I imagine, Peter sinking and Jesus in the meantime busy helping someone else from 'another boat' get above the waters.  So the groan: "Oh, He always has time for everyone else except me!"  

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