Sunday, 10 August 2014

Liturgical music and singing

Here's a nice piece on liturgical singing - or rather, the dearth of it! We need more singing

While at Kondadaba, the Brothers, over the years - if not out of conviction, at least out of compulsion - learnt that liturgical singing is not synonymous with 'noise-making'; or that music does not necessarily mean loud blaring music which drowns the singing altogether; or that liturgy is meaningless without brand new hymns - even if they are sung only by a couple of members in the choir.

The case is not very different from our Brothers here. Music is not music, unless it is blasted; music is not music if not heard by everyone, even if it is at the cost of the singing; what is more important is the keyboard and tabala and all possible musical instruments, while the singing itself is the last on the list of priorities.

Liturgical music is basically an ACCOMPANIMENT for the singing, and singing itself is a form of prayer - certainly not a performance.

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