Monday, 4 August 2014

John Vianney

Often St Vianney is cited as a precedent of permitting one without some basic intelligence to continue his priestly formation and get ordained. I beg to differ.  I believe that a certain minimal standard of intellectual ability is a MUST for a candidate to Priesthood or Religious life.  That does not mean that studies are the only criterion by which a candidate is to be judged as fit or unfit for consecrated life.

It should be noted that though Vianney lacked a 'brilliant mind' he made up for it with a determined effort.  Though asked to discontinue his studies and seminary life, he returned and sweated it out at his desk to secure at least the minimal marks required.

And then for those who claim that intellectual standards are non-significant for Priestly / Religious life, I suggest that when they do get ordained or make their perpetual profession, they better be ready to go the 'remote' and 'most unwanted places' for ministry... after all, Vianney did that, didn't he??... that too joyfully and poured out his heart and soul there.  And if the latter is not acceptable, neither is the former! 

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