Saturday, 23 August 2014

Change: for better or for worse?

The past couple of days I've spent in bed recuperating from a bout of fever and headache, have been quite soothing.  I spent time looking back at my life here in Karunapuram for the past two months or so. The one thing that I cannot overlook and which others - who've known and seen me earlier - too have brought to my notice is the fact that I've mellowed down - very very much.  I've become much sober than my earlier innings here.  Call it age, wisdom, laziness, mid-life crisis, time, experience... whatever!

I would credit it to two factors: My stay in Kondadaba for four years and secondly the circumstances here in the community.  From effecting a change by going guns-blazing to a slow seasoned one, it has been a long journey for me - but certainly not an easy one.  Add to that the circumstantial factors that made the former approach absolutely redundant or meaningless.  Now which of these methods will prove more effective, only time will tell.

In all of this one thing that I cannot undermine is the necessity of my physical and meaningful presence in the community, especially with the Brothers.  I certainly need to do more in this most important area. 

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