Monday, 25 August 2014

Of dreams, passion and priorities

Today in the college, the students are busy celebrating the Cultural Day.  The whole students group was divided into some 8 to 9 groups based on their language and cultural background. India being rich in its cultural diversity, there is quite a bit of excitement and enthusiasm in the air.  Watching the level of involvement and excitement that has been so since the last couple of days, brings to mind a comment made by one well-intentioned gentleman a couple of years ago after viewing a cultural programme put up by Seminarians, "Is this place an academy of dance and performing arts or an institute of spirituality and religious academics?"

He had a point in making that comment.  Our students love these sort of extra-curricular activities.  Which student or youngster wouldn't? Well that's not what I grudge.  What nags me is the disproportional investment and misplaced enthusiasm. There is a philosophical symposium coming up this weekend, besides the regular classes and academic assignments or take even the daily class participation.  It is mostly lacklustre or involving just a handful.  There isn't a balance at all!

One particular reason that I can think of is the following:  students here are here not because they want to, but because they have to!  Other places, whichever field of specialization the institute is offering, have students who are keen and are there because they love to be there!  Being there and getting involved in what the place has to offer is their dream, their passion. Most seminarians seem to lack precisely that: dream(s), passion!

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