Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Seminary Day 2010

Finally it's over!! The seminary day and all the excitement (and confusion) about it is over. I did manage to keep it simple and dry. Luckily not very many guests turned up...! The Bishop arrived an hour and half late and so everything got delayed. But I have no complaints, since he spared us the sermon... he did not say a word, neither did anyone else! Thank God!!

Anyway, it went on well. I was happy for most of the Brothers did their role well. I was following up the second years in the hall and they did a swift job of putting things back in their respective places in just one hour... neatly!
That's the third course address to the Bishop...!
That's the archbishop of Visakhapatnam, Kagithapu Mariadas, whom we felicitated for his golden jubilee of Ordination.
After the Mass, the felicitation programme, we had the lunch
This was the special counter for the fruits salad and ice cream... the most sought after item in the menu.

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  1. dear vincent - i enjoy reading your thoughts on formation - agree with a lot of what your saying regarding motivation and seriousness as far as study is concerned...found especially interesting your insight on intensity and duration...as one of murphy's laws says: "The work to be done fits itself into the time allotted for it" - how true...all the best in your ministry - i am sure the fruit will be there for all irrespective of those who do not see it at the present moment...God bless


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