Monday, 15 November 2010

Perfection or lack of it?

In class today while talking about the idea of the best of all possible worlds according to Leibniz and his arguments against/for evil, we stumbled into a discussion about 'perfection'. While clarifying their doubts and answering their questions, I asked them to give me an example of a perfect being, besides God. They couldn't come up with an answer without ending up contradicting themselves. Their next question was why cannot everything be perfect? Why should there be a gradation of perfection at all? If there weren't any gradation, then there wouldn't be evil automatically. Well, at least Leibniz considered this the best of everything that can ever be.

Then I just mentioned about the movie Bruce Almighty and asked them to come up with a list if each of them were 'God almighty'... with all the powers of God to run the world. Let's see what they come up with.

However, since the time I did my B.Ph. paper on the 'goodness' of evil, I have really been blessed with seeing things differently. What exactly makes the world great: perfection or lack of it? I believe it is imperfection. It is difficult and hard, but better than having everything perfect.

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