Friday, 19 November 2010

Evaluation learnings

The Council that we sat for since the past three days was indeed a good experience. It was basically for evaluating the Brothers based on their performance in the Seminary thus far. On the whole, there was a sense of satisfaction that there is an ambiance of striving for excellence. But there was also this strong feeling that very many are too steeped or mired in their lethargy or basically lack the minimal of motivation to carry on.

Given all the discussion and opinions we shared, what I liked most was that we had the good of the Brothers in mind, always. At every juncture we kept reminding ourselves that they were the centre of our efforts and endeavours. Another strong fact that kept emerging often is that the Brothers are more frightened of their own companions than of the staff. There are very few who, first of all have a stand, and fewer still who are willing to stand by their own opinion rather than fall for the view of others, knowing very well that what others want them to accept and voice out is not true or beneficial. I kept asking myself: if today they cannot stand for what is right and just amidst their own companions what and when will they fight or stand on behalf of the poor and downtrodden?

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