Sunday, 14 November 2010

With the children

Yesterday we had the Children's day at Navajeevan, Vizag. It was all the children gathered together at Beach Blossom's school, nearly 100 of them. We had invited the Circle Inspector of One Town Police to be the Chief guest of the occasion. I was surprised to see him. He appeared more like a school teacher than a police officer... very gentle and serene. Most importantly, no airs about being a police officer.

After the programme, I took up animating the children for some party games, as they were not really prepared to handle the whole group together. It was good occasion for me to interact with the children after long. I'm glad I was there and had that time. The whole afternoon (from 3 pm onwards) was once again spent in the office, resolving issues and settling matters!

However, as I spent the morning looking at myself, I was feeling a sense of insecurity! I am wondering what exactly am I doing? I very well know that I'm doing quite a few things, may be too may at the same time or setting into motion quite a few initiatives, both here in Kondadaba and in NJ, Vizag too. But what ultimately am I doing? I really am not sure. I need to get myself straightened about who and what for am I doing all of this, before I find myself lost, lonely and mad.

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