Friday, 12 November 2010

Websites for God

This morning Fr CJ Mathew celebrated Mass for the community. Well he is perhaps the longest serving confrere in the house... a total of 13 years in all portfolios, except that of a regent and a full circle of 6 years as Rector. In fact, when I came here in 2000 for my first year of practical training, he was the Rector. However, his sermon style has not changed much!

Today he called upon all of us to be 'websites for God'... 'places' where people can find information, knowledge and a first hand experience of God and His Divinity. Well that's a novel idea! Technologically speaking, a religious or a consecrated person is one who ought to be a man of God. So he or she should be a treasure trove of godliness and virtue. Well all this makes sense especially in the light of the numerous scandals and scams that go on in religious houses and within the Church.

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