Monday, 15 November 2010

Passionless blues!

Fr Wilson has been very excited about his Sunday trip to the dockyard and the two ships into which he had a royal entry and round... thanks to his cousin who is the lieutenant on INS Jyothi. This night he was sharing the similarities about the life on ship and that in the Seminary. He stated that in both the places there is a hierarchy and a certain level of obedience at the basic organisational structure of the places. He also wanted to say that the difference between the two lay in the level of commitment and the passion alive in the respective places. But I'm not really sure if he stated that as a difference or a commonality.

As for me, I think that's a major difference: On a ship, a warship at that, one cannot survive without being passionate about sea and voyage. Anyone without that passion will be soon back at home looking for 'greener' pastures and certainly not be watching the vast 'blue pasture'! However, in the Seminary most carry on without the least of passion, neither for God nor His people!!!

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