Sunday, 7 November 2010

Getting over with Nov. 7

It's over!! Here I am at the end of Nov. 7... the date of the Sabbavaram building inauguration. And I'm alive, fine and I think I did manage to do my best. There were 101 factors that were not in my favour - rather, in favour of the inauguration: the rain, the vehicles, the preparation, the whole set up, the confusion, my total ignorance of Navajeevan politics, ... but in the end they didn't matter. It's done! I had thought I'd never be able to make it in one piece. As I now sit to just put down my raw thoughts after the maddening month, that rushed past for this Navajeevan work, I receive this video song, The Impossible by Joe Nichols.
Unsinkable ships, sink. Unbreakable walls, break.
Sometimes the unimaginable things happen.
Unbendable steel, bends. If the fury of the winds is unstoppable.
I've learnt to never underestimate, the impossible.

But truly, thanks be to God and Mother Mary!!

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