Sunday, 7 November 2010

Contagious enthusiasm

Now that the inauguration is done with, the next obvious thing would be to get in and occupy the place; make use of the new and better facilities. But no, not yet! The building is inaugurated but not yet ready. There isn't the power connection, the water connection is incomplete, the ventillators and a couple of doors are yet to be done, the sump yet to be built, and so are several minor things needed to call the building complete. So then what was the point of inaugurating an incomplete building? Well for one, that it was due long since and more specially, the main benefactor of the building was in town from Italy for the same. (However, I should add, that several things would never have been done, not in a lifetime, if not for this 'inauguration').

What I liked of this whole episode was the joy of being part of the enthusiasm of the boys. They very well knew that they were not going to move into the new building, yet they were all eager to do whatever it was necessary to make the occasion grand. Some of the smaller fellows may have had absolutely no idea of what was going on, apart from the fact that there was 'something' happening. Perhaps if we had taken the whole lot of them to some other unknown place and area to work and prepare, they would have, but only if they had instructions from us Salesians and the staff. Their attachment is to people not to things or buildings or structures.

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