Friday, 26 November 2010

Intensity vs duration

This evening I put fire under the very .... of some of the Brothers. I was really cool about the preparation for the Seminary Day. I never pushed or yelled or even reminded emphatically about any programme in preparation for the mega annual day of the Seminary. But today I put my foot down and by gosh...!! what a performance! I just glanced at the second year students dance in the afternoon. It was anything but a dance. But after the 'firing' session, and by night, it was near perfect!

I very well know that I've been delaying this whole hullabaloo with the sole intention of getting the Brothers to focus on the most important aspect of this present state of formation: philosophical studies. Rather than have a month long preparation, I just started exactly a week-long preparation. The results are practically the same. And as Thathi said, this strategy of an intense preparation rather than a prolonged one is best for any activity with young people... except study and assimilation. Perfectly true!

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