Sunday, 21 November 2010

Kids in the Church

As usual this morning's Mass in the Parish was a real act of penance! The only consolation was the small kids and their pranks. There was this small cute girl who was comfortable moving from person to person to receive its quota of affection and pats and kisses and whenever she found someone not looking up at her or ignoring her (most of them with their heads bent) would gently sit infront of them, bend and peep to see if they were sleeping! Gosh it was fun. Luckily before she reached the Brothers, she was distracted/attracted by another child holding a mobile phone. She royally went up to her and with a single sweep of the hand, the mobile had a new owner! The other child just did not know what happened!

Then there was another small fellow strolling up and down the aisle as though inspecting the guard of honour. He was least bothered about anyone trying to get him to stay still in one place. Nor was he concerned with the strange looks and glares of the elders. He was all by himself and enjoying every bit of it.

Looking at all these kids, I'm reminded of Chris and I'm sure he is doing similarly crazy and funny things.

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