Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Planning the future...

The most exciting month of the year has commenced. With Christmas, holidays and all that associated with it, the month is anything but thrilling. However, in my goodnight to the Brothers I reminded them to be grounded and focused ... to be clear as to what they are doing and FOR WHAT.

As for me, after long today was a rather relaxed day. I managed to correct a whole large chunk of papers that have been occupying my desk since long. Now with only the Christmas celebrations (anticipated) to prepare for, I can focus on some things that I've been postponing.

One among this is to prepare a 'Bucket list'... just started watching the movie, The Bucket List. Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson... the latter being simply great!! More about that later. For now, just want to finish up some of the left overs of the Seminary day reports, videos and photos. Then plan to move on to some new project for myself ... shall be more out of the office, or shall keep off the computer during the day, to be precise... to begin with!!

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