Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Why link service and finances?

There are two ways of becoming rich: Getting more than what you have and being contented with what you already have. I would prefer the latter to the former anytime, everytime. Whenever there is this talk of money (or lack of it), I always wish there was never this whole money at all. The world surely would have been a much better place if there was not this whole field of economics (if understood in the limited sense of monetary transactions only) at all.

Every sphere of life, revolves around money and is ruled by its power. Religious life too is not spared by it. How often all our decisions and decision making processes are guided by finances. I know money is needed for survival and basic needs, but why more than that? Why should charity or service for that matter, be always associated with monetary links? Don't our families at home earn and live on what they have? Why then have we in the religious life be so perturbed by availability or lack of availability of finances? Why can't we just serve... reach out with what we have... even if it is little or nothing at all.

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