Friday, 3 December 2010

Of labourers ... and labourers

The harvest is ready and plenty but the labourers are few... and those who really labour are fewer! We always mourn that there are not sufficient personnel to carry forward the great and noble deeds of visionaries and religious founders. There is no denying that fact but we cannot also overlook the other fact that not all those who volunteer to carry forward the work, are really interested. If only those really passionate about this service step forward, there would be miracles performed everywhere, all the time. The cycle of mediocrity continues as we get non-motivated 'labourers' who are 'inspired by' non-working 'labourers'.

The feast of St Francis Xavier is a good occasion to review the life and passion of this man who managed to evangelise the East in an age when there were neither transport nor communication facilities... all that he had was his indomitable zeal to reach out to the people and share with them the Treasure he had found. The existence or non-existence of the rest did not matter.

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