Sunday, 12 December 2010

Experiences at the Juvenile home

This afternoon I drove the Pratyasa team Brothers to the Juvenile home for an anticipated celebration of Christmas with the Children. More than anything about Christmas, it was an opportunity for the Brothers to interact with the children and bring a smile on their faces. I should say, a couple of them did well... Christu, Dileep, Devaraj, Naresh. Initially they were reluctant. I was too tired to get involved. Furthermore, I knew, that if I were to get active, they would only watch from the sidelines without getting involved.

At one point, I was wondering as to who was entertaining whom? The boys, having seen and being entertained by many a group along the time of their stay there, we not new to our 'animation'. So the Brothers were at a bit of loss as to what 'new' and entertaining to offer them. However, Christu did a commendable job, at least trying. But there seems to be some sort of a disease among the Brothers. When they see a group of people, they just stand in a huddle by themselves, watching the confusion... all the while knowing the fact that they are there as 'animators'. I guess it is basically due to a lack of knowledge of what is to be done and more so, how is it to be done.

Another surprising revelation was the knowledge that of the 95 boys therein, there are only a handful of those who are supposed to be there. The rest are absolutely out of place, in as much as they have either of their parents, a home, or have run away from home and were found loitering on the railway station platforms. I always thought that the Juvenile home was meant for those in need of care and protection and those at risk. This place is more like a boarding, where the child lands up because his parents feel that this is the best place for him!! How can they just shirk their responsibility?

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