Sunday, 4 January 2015

Where is He?

The most striking sentence of the feast day reading of this morning was the question: Where is the King of the Jews? Among the millions of people inhabiting the earth, it was basically the shepherds and the Magi who inquired and sought the Lord, at his birth.  What about the rest?  Most did not know. Many did not bother to know.  Those few who knew and did bother, were only concerned for their own personal benefits.
Where do I fit in?  Do I seek the Lord, sincerely and earnestly?  Am I consistent in my search for him? Or is it that I get too easily distracted, by fluttering butterflies, leaving behind the brilliant sun? Is my search for the Lord merely for my own personal petty benefits?

Lord, let me seek the things that matter... let me seek You, above all!  

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