Monday, 5 January 2015

To choose or not to?

Among the several things that distinguish us from animals is the ability to make choices.  For the animals, the ultimate goal in life is survival.  Whereas, human beings can choose from the million and one things his heart, mind and soul offers as ultimate goal; or go by the animal nature and settle down only for what the body craves - survival!

As religious we too can be like animals, if our whole and final aim, as religious, is to continue being one... to have a title before (Fr/Br) and after (sdb) our name.  Or as persons / human beings, we can CHOOSE something more than mere titles or tags.

I am able to possess the title ´sdb´ today because one person in the nineteenth century chose to be more than a mere priest. He could have very well settled to be just one among the million priests who ever walked on the face of this earth.  But no! He chose to be more than just a ´Don´.  And for that he poured out his whole life.

What´s my story?

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