Saturday, 3 January 2015

The Blessed Reflex

I just finished reading a book titled Sent Forth: African Missionary Work in the West by Harvey C. Kwiyani.  It is basically about an African Lutheran working as a missionary in the United States expressing his views on how the missionary movement has taken a ´blessed reflex´ - a shift from the West spreading Christianity, to the non-Western missionary invigorating Christianity in the West!

It makes interesting reading.  Most lovely aspect that appealed to me is that the author presents a very unbiased picture of the various Christian denominations.  He gives a rather fair treatment of the topic without over emphasising or simplifying one ´Church´ over or below the other.  His basic premise is not too difficult to identify and he sticks on to it all through - very convincingly and rather tenaciously!

His constant jargon: Mission is now from all to all... the era of the West monopolizing evangelization is dying.  Christianity is turning ´darker´ in colour! (Referring to the growing numbers of Latin Americans, Africans and Asians, who are replacing the diminishing Europeans, among the Christian population). It is no more the religion only of the ´fair skin´. Though not very scientific or scholarly in its content, the experiential and historical flavour of the text is appealing.  

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