Saturday, 3 January 2015

Making a habit to ´Ask the Lord´

The notice board outside my office contained the general timetable of the community and a birthday list - till last month. It dawned on me that I was wasting precious space for something stagnant and repetitive - all year long.  That´s when I cleared the notice board and putting up something or the other as often as possible.

This new year, I prepared a notice board, welcoming the new year with the title: Same life... fresh opportunities.  Besides this title I also began the first of a series of thoughts from the life and words of Pope Francis. Today´s motto: Make it a habit to ´ask help from the Lord´.

I took these (today´s and the forthcoming themes) from here. And right now as I hit bed, I ask the Lord for help, to face tomorrow.  For the new year, I´ve resolved something for myself and I foresee it is not going to be easy for me and for those with me.  Hence I ´ask the Lord´ to strengthen me!

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