Sunday, 4 January 2015

Europe, today; India, tomorrow?

The fact that Church buildings in Europe and the West are being auctioned or sold to different groups for varied purposes, because of the primary reason that there are no faithful to occupy those Churches, comes as no surprise. Where once thousands attended Holy Mass, today there is hardly a handful of elderly participating in the Mass.  Some of the Churches have been sold and renovated as hotels and restaurants.  Some others have been turned in gymnasiums.  Here below is a Church which is now a skating hall (read more about it here).  
I ask myself, what will become of the palatial buildings that we are putting up here in India, in a couple of centuries?  Given my personal prejudice against construction and erecting mighty structures, let me not get into that.  However, what comes to my crooked mind when I look at this photo is the fact that the Church is still occupied. There are people in the Church!!  Only that there are not there for worship!  If only we would concentrate more on building people rather than structures...

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