Sunday, 4 January 2015

Sharing rather than purchasing

This evening after supper we had a short get-together and sharing of Christmas gifts. Sometime midway through Advent, each one picked up a name from the community list at random and was asked to specially pray for the person during the season.  Before breaking up for the holidays we were reminded to get a small gift for the person, on our return from home.

Most ´bought´ gifts.  I would have preferred each one to share something we had with us rather than purchase something.  The rationale being, the money is not ours, earned either by the benefactors or my parents.  Rather when I share something I have and find it useful, I am giving a part of myself. This makes the gift something ´personal´.  Of course, some may say, the gift is not a brand new thing, rather it is something ´second-hand´. However, I believe the attitude of sharing is the crux. The rest is always debatable.

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