Friday, 9 January 2015

Learning ... and enjoying!

During the holidays I upgraded my laptop to Qiana (linux mint 17) from Julia (LM 10). It was a good adventure.  After long I enthralled myself doing something new.  This is the fifth year that I am using my computer without any assistance from a technician.  Linux has made this possible... along with the numerous support groups and forums where people generously offer help.  It works great for amateurs like me.  So far whatever I learnt over the past years, I would bookmark that particular page from which I learnt the lesson.  Today I resolved another issue that I was battling with since the last two weeks. It was as easy as smiling for some one. All I needed to do was ask and lo!  

It's time I too contribute my learnings. So here's my first technical contribution to the online community.  (Nothing new, but my learning!).  The key I used earlier for an apostrophe was printing some other character. Similar to the apostrophe (´), but not the same.  Furthermore I had to press the key, hard and slow to get that! All that I did was change my keyboard setting from English US alternative to English International AltGr dead keys.  And here's my apostrophe... ' ... perfect! 

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