Friday, 2 January 2015

Religion isn´t about right or wrong

Sometime after his search for God and finding no answer, PK now embarks on finding out what is going wrong. He followed the prescribed formula but the expected results still evade him. He then realizes that all the petitions are going to a wrong number.  Furthermore that the one on the other end is taking them for a ride or frightening them.  Thus the concept of ´wrong number' catches on.

Towards the end of the movie, the religious leader asks PK, if what you say is true, that all calls are going out to the wrong number, then what is the right number?  Now this is the tricky part of religion.  The moment one ascertains and states definitely that this (or that) is the right number, one goes wrong!

Truly speaking, Religion is not about right or wrong - that´s the work of ethics.  Religion is all about being beneficial or harmful.  It is an additional help, a means for those in search of God.  Of course, some use it as the most easiest and prompt answer, with the conviction that riding on the wave of religion will automatically lead one to God, without any personal effort or strain.  

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