Tuesday, 3 September 2013

When means become an end...(2)

For Don Bosco his priorities were clear and sure.  But I'm not so sure if we, individually and collectively can claim that same clarity and stand guarantee for ourselves.  Unlike Don Bosco, for whom means and ends were clear and distinct, we tend to mix them up...

  • Getting the boys to the Church is more important than being holy.
  • Attending Catechism classes is more important than learning the meaning and depth of prayer.
  • Obedience is more important than the person for whom I am willing to obey.
  • Poverty is more important than attachment to Christ.
  • Chastity is more important than love. 
  • Attending Mass becomes more important than communion with God and others. 
  • Talking or preaching of His Kingdom becomes more important than loving and living the Kingdom. 

The former actions are all good, but only as good means, not as an end in themselves. 

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