Thursday, 5 September 2013

Mother Teresa

I know not how much of this is true, but this is what I heard someone say today, the feast day of Bl. Mother Teresa.  Everyone knows that she was a Loretto nun before she received the 'call' to leave it all and begin a new mission in the slums of Kolkatta.  It is said that while she was in Kolkata teaching children in the posh girls school, one of the girls suddenly fainted in class one day. Later as she walked the lanes and bylanes of the Kolkata slums she saw for herself the abject poverty and miserable living conditions of people.

Now most think that it was the 'call' that propelled her to her mission of serving the poor and destitute in Kolkata... but did not this experience of hers, prompt her divine call?  In other words, it is hard to accept that these two experiences of her life had nothing to do with one another... that there was absolutely no connection between the two.

Whatever be the truth of matters, what truly matters is the exemplary life she lived and the courage with which she expressed her own inner turmoils.  Some people say that her spiritual directors, who were told by her to burn her letters, but did not and then made them public, did something wrong. I would really like to thank them for making known that Mother Tereasa was a normal human being.  Not an angel who fell from heaven but one who toiled hard, square and fair, in every aspect of life to live a life of communion with Jesus.  Her human weaknesses and doubts, rather than act as impediments, are indeed signs of transcendence.

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