Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Salesian Society

I have a feeling that I'm getting obsessed with the idea that Don Bosco started the Salesian Congregation for the work at hand, than merely to found a congregation for religious piety and devotion.  His one and only dream was to make sure young people feel worthy, that they are nurtured and taken care of, especially the one's who had no one to do so.

Furthermore, it is said that in the process of reaching out to such youngsters I save my soul.  Certainly he did not mean the other way round. I am also willing to believe that it may be both may happen simultaneously, but surely not the other way round.

I found another interesting line in the introductory words of The Annals of the Salesian Society... a text containing the history of the founding of the Salesian congregation.
We say 'Annals of the Salesian Society' - not the 'Pious' Salesian Society.  It is true that Don Bosco himself at times spoke of a 'Pious' Society, but the Superior Chapter in 1926 kept the adjective 'Pious' only for the 'Pious Union of Cooperators', not for the Salesian Society. [Eugene Ceria, The Annals of the Salesian Society Vol. 1 (1941) I only have the manuscript and not the original print.] 
There you see, piety and the religious aspect was certainly not the goal of the Salesian society... surely the essential ingredient but not the reason! 

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