Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A lonely and tiring journey...

Today was yet another reminder that none can really ruffle some feathers - even if they are your own - and not raise some dust.  The only encouraging factor of what has transpired today is that at least we staff stand by one another.

What does one do when one knows that what one is doing as a team is good and truthful and yet is frowned upon and battered by everyone?  The dilemma is very nauseating given the fact that all those casting stones also know very well that what is being done by us is good and worthy - not necessarily the conventional but still the right thing.  Just because some unruly idiots will create some confusion somewhere, sometime, does that mean we stop saying the truth? ... stop being committed to the task entrusted, in all sincerity? ... stop doing what is good and what needs to be done, even if it is unpleasant to everyone (the ones doing it and the ones for whom it is being done) at this present moment?

What does one do when the very persons who are to lead you in truth, tell you to hush up the truth and look the other way?  What if the ones to stand by you, take up cudgels against you? What if your very own join hands with those baying for your blood, just because what you say and do is inconvenient, but good and true?

Walking by principles and convictions, is indeed a lonely journey! 

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