Sunday, 22 September 2013

The shrewd manager

The sermon this morning during Mass was very refreshing and insightful.  After speaking of our human tendency to crave for darkness, for the shady business deals over the light and sincere transactions (something which the Prophet Amos decries in the first reading), the Parish Priest spoke of the Gospel in continuation.  When asked if the shrewd servant in Luke 16, incurred loss for his master before his laying down office, everyone in the Church replied, 'yes'. He then went on to show how, the servant/manager did not incur any loss to his master.  Rather the only one to suffer the monetary loss was himself!
What the manager cancels for all the debtors is not what was due to the Master, but to himself.  In the absence of the master, the manager lent out provisions or money.  The interest rates were not levied by the master.  To the master's account what needed to be shown was the product and if at all any thing was lent, the basic interest accrued by it.  The manager was in fact, gathering more interest for himself.  So when on the verge of losing his job, he realises that now needs to build relationships, build trust and bonds with people rather than money.  To this end, he does all that 're-calculation'.  For this Jesus praises him.

May be that the manager learnt the hard way that what is important is relationship and trust not money or wealth.  Perhaps this change of attitude is what Jesus praises him for.  Seen from this angle, the parable and all the didactic messages that follow makes sense.  

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