Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Affecting policies

I had this nagging feeling that my presence in the National Formation Commission was more of a quota or reservation seat filling than a real necessity. However, I guess that leaves me with the option of moaning it or making use of this opportunity. I now realise that I'm in a good platform which can influence policies and decision making bodies. That truly is a great potential.

Today I did make a significant contribution towards one such policy or decision that was almost made but the whole mood and mode changed after I intervened.  And what's more, it was concerning the Salesian Brothers. Not that I intervened because it is about Salesian Brothers but that it happened to be so.  We did have a very fruitful and open discussion about the specific formation of the Brothers and I began by assuming responsibility on behalf of the Brothers that we often are not serious or sure about the formation structures offered for our own growth.  I began by questioning the 'for what' of the several decisions or actions or lack of them by a group of Brothers in formation which led to the whole debate!  And I concluded saying that if the Brothers did not have a valid 'for what' then they were wrong... as simple as that. That they acted immature!

The discussion that we had this evening did not really end up with we arriving at a policy, but the very fact that we had greater clarity, at least among ourselves, what ought to be given priority and what is it that really matters, is itself a great achievement. More than before it now challenges me personally to more involved and committed to the opportunities that lay before me, the powers that I now possess, though not purposely acquired or which I pride upon.  Possibilities that I can now make real, to some extent atleast. 

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