Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Consecration Camps?

Just before I started for Shillong, we had the Philosophical Symposium on God and Evil.  During one of the presentations there was a discussion about the Nazi concentration camps.  At one moment I heard - or misheard - the word 'concentration camp' as 'consecration camps'.

These few days of discussion on formation and related matters, triggers in me a similar feeling: Are we running 'consecration camps' or playgrounds where young people learn and enjoy being transformed?  Is our formation paradigm facilitating a personal zeal for growth because I have a goal for myself or because I am keen to discern and follow the promptings of Jesus?  How much of our formation is a process of inner change and growth?

If not get the answers to all of these questions, I hope to answer some of them at least for myself. 

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