Thursday, 18 January 2018


Here are some insights from the talk by Rev. Mark Oakley who spoke of poetry as the true language of religion.
  • Poetry is more about meaning than words. 
  • Poetry is not a better way of saying truth but truth is found in poetry. 
  • It is a language that hovers, rather than being logical or grounded. It is not something that can be beaten down to extract the precise meaning.  Just like story telling which commences with "Once upon a time..." poetry arrives at meaning without summarizing.  The contrast to poetry is not exactly prose but 'here is the news' attitude.  People now-a-days prefer to have 'news ears' where things are all very definite and clear, rather than live with ambiguity and openness, characteristics of poetry. 
  • Poetry is what arrives at your intellect by way of the heart. 
  • Metrophobia: fear of poetry

One of the last things he mentioned was the quote that captured his attention during one of the protests in the US: 
He stated that this is popularly considered a Mexican proverb but was originally by a gay Greek poet who wrote it as a sign of his rebellion against his companions who excluded him from the literary community for his sexual orientation.  

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