Thursday, 25 January 2018

Freedom of the press

One of the aspect of the British press and in a way of the political system, I admire is the openness and freedom the press enjoys in discussing political issues.  None of its leaders, save the Queen and the Royals to some extent, are spared!  The worst attack I've come across is on the Prime Minister, Theresa May herself!  Some of the cartoons printed (and sold) are appalling.  Take for example, the following cartoon and the following article in today's The Times:

I guess that is what keeps the politicians on their toes most often.  With the press enjoying such freedom, there is little room for politicians or any public figure to make mistakes.  If discovered, they'd be skinned alive - on paper! 

To think of such a freedom in the Indian press is certainly a distant dream.  Can you imagine a similar cartoon and any article with such a brazen title appearing in any of the Indian dailies?  Even if one it did see the light of the day, one can only imagine the paper henceforth, for neither the paper, nor the author would ever be heard from/of!  Yet in democracy freedom of the press is considered most vital! 

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