Saturday, 27 January 2018

Don Bosco without the young

Attending the (anticipated) feastday Mass of Don Bosco in the Salesian parish today was very ironical for me.  There was already the announcement in the Parish last week of this day being the feastday Mass.  However, there were only the cooperators present for the occasion.  In all we were about 30 people.  But looking around I noticed that I was one of the youngest of those present in the church!  The only two who were younger than me were small children (less than 8 years old).  In a sense it was a very weird feeling that I could not shake off - celebrating the feast of the father of youngsters without any youngster! 

What I consoled myself with - or tried to - is the fact that this is true of every Sunday.  If there are no young people on any given day, expecting them to appear on the feast of Don Bosco is most illogical.  At one moment I was asking myself if Don Bosco were to have appeared on the scene today, rather than in 1815, if he would do the work he then initiated.  Perhaps not!  He certainly wouldn't feel the need for a religious congregation, perhaps an NGO. 

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