Monday, 22 January 2018

Dying of boredom

Know not for what reason but a particular story we studied while at school keeps cropping up in my mind. Don't remember the exact title or the details.  It is a very amusing tale of a youngster who is given to laziness or thinks he is about to die or that he is already dead (I think it is the latter).  No amount of persuasion or medical checks to prove him wrong helped.  Ultimately a plan was devised.  One particular part of the house was isolated and redesigned.  It was painted white and beautifully decorated, all in white.  The youngster wakes up to find himself in this particular place all by himself.  Two persons dressed as angels appear to him and tell him that he is in heaven.  The youngster is quite happy.  However, as days go by he realizes there is nothing to do!  He can't go to visit anyone because the others live in similarly beautiful mansions quite a distance away.  As to when next he could see his family, he is told that it could take many years for them to die and reach the heavenly mansion.  A few days later he is desperate out of boredom!  He longs for some work, something to do.  When those observing him feel he has learnt his lesson, the drama is revealed. 

Lesson:  Imaginary demons are far more lethal than any actually existing ones! 
Greater lesson: Boredom is a greater curse than over-work!

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