Friday, 19 January 2018

Of twins

In the British Salesian Province (GBR) there is a set of twins who are both Salesian priests: Francis and Hugh Preston.  Salesians from the Province know them well and can identify one from the other.  Others who know one or the other or those who have not seen them for long, are most likely to mistake one for the other.  It is said that when they were in the aspirantate, the school PET was once heard saying, "That Preston chap is of no use, but he does get around the field fast."  What he did not know was that there were two of them! 

Fr Tony Sultana, who is presently at Farnborough, is also said to have an identical twin brother.  However he is not a Salesian.  So Fr Tony is sometimes heard telling his parishioners, "If you ever see me coming out of a car with a woman, it is my twin brother!" 

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