Thursday, 10 March 2016

Kids in a mall

The other day I took a walk to the nearby DMart store to purchase something.  It was the first time I stepped in the mart.  I was surprised to see the crowd (it was a Sunday).  While waiting for my turn in the queue to bill, I couldn't help notice the small children who were accompanying their parents.  Oh boy, what a hard time parents had to juggle the groceries they were purchasing and the unending things children were demanding.  I stayed on a little longer to enjoy the live dramas unfolding:

One particular child, must be 5 years old, did pick a basket for herself.  And while she was gathering practically everything that she saw, the parents were slowing putting back on the rack things from the basket without her knowledge.  If not for that 'theft' by the parents, the child would have picked up the whole mart!! But when the child reached the counter with the parents, it was still picking up things, from others baskets... naturally because her basket was practically empty!

Another small kid, would not even part with a particular toy it wanted.  The man at the counter had a hard time scanning the bar code!

One would not leave the mart, even when the parents paid their bill!  That aisle containing chocolates was too tempting! Only when the parents 'threatened' to leave saying 'bye' and turned to leave, did the boy make the ultimate sacrifice - of staying put!!  He was ultimately 'kidnapped'!

A couple was surprised to see things in their basket which they hadn't gathered. I knew the source.  While they were busy picking up things as per their list, their little daughter was collecting things of her.  After a short while her hands were full, and she dumped them in her Mummy's basket - Daddy was busy attending some call. At the bill counter, there was then a 'battle'!

Some 'Daddys' only job was to manoeuvre the aisles, without letting any product being grabbed off the shelves and into the mouths of their toddlers! A real art and a task  (art of the kids, and task of the parent!).
A personal suggestion: Every shopping mall should either have a play room for kids or a prison!

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