Sunday, 13 March 2016

The 'mission'

Fr Palli during the course of our SSF meeting today made an interesting observation:
A practical trainee in any of our parish cum school cum boarding centre is meant only for boys within the house.  He is not expected to take up any responsibilities outside the house - meaning boarding.  He is told not to get involved with any other activity of the community other than looking after boys.  But why not ALSO (but not only) expose him to the mission, the social action initiatives, the school, the neighbourhood...  So that he does not get the impression that the most important (or worse, the only) Salesian mission is taking care of boys in the institution.

Comical is the scenario when the same Brother comes back after a couple of years, as a deacon, to the very same house for 'pastoral experience'.  This time round, he does not get close to the children. Why? Because he is here now for the 'mission'!!  

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