Wednesday, 30 March 2016

All in the name...

Mary Magdelene recognises the Risen Jesus when He utters her name. When she hears her name, that too from someone so beloved, the whole attitude of sorrow, anxiety and confusion gives way to a certain awe - or perhaps a great joy.  Some would even go to the extent to say, a confirmation of what she had in mind - that He would rise!
Interesting also to note is how, in spite of this remarkable message of resurrection first being delivered to a 'woman', the female gender is so segregated and ostracised in the Church, not to speak of the society at large. Perhaps it is much to do also with the Bible itself, especially the OT wherein the woman is portrayed as a cause of sin and something to be looked down upon. In that sense, we barely live upto understand Jesus and His true message. Very many times we only pick and choose to follow and live by the Gospel values, not as per their true meaning but as per our convenience.

PS: As I was glancing through the pictures to go with this post, I only found paintings or representations expressing more Jesus' exhortation of "do not cling to me" rather than that genuine "rabboni" expression! 

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